Zollern Teams with Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. to Enhance Support to Zollern Bearing Customers in North America

The Zollern Group’s Plain Bearing Technology division has entered into an exclusive technology license agreement with Pioneer Motor Bearing Company of the U.S. to strengthen its after-sale customer support.  The agreement empowers Pioneer to use Zollern proprietary information to provide a range of technical support services to North American end-users of Zollern hydrodynamic plain bearings.

Zollern’s Plain Bearing Technology division operates four bearing manufacturing plants in Germany, France and Brazil, and has worked with Pioneer for several years on an informal basis to serve the aftermarket requirements of Zollern customers.  Pioneer’s President, Ray Harrington, said “We’ve developed very good relations with Zollern over the past seven years and been to all their plants, so this formal cooperative agreement is a carefully designed effort to boost the value Zollern provides its customers by making their lives more convenient.”

Read Zollern’s news release on the agreement here.

Value to Zollern Customers

  • 24/7 Support for Zollern bearings in North America

  • Same or similar time zone for more efficient communication

  • Emergency on-site support available

  • All procedures by Pioneer supported by Zollern

  • For OEM customers and End Users of Zollern bearings

Technical Support Services

  • Inspection and engineering evaluation of machinery dynamics; the operation of ZOLLERN bearings; root cause analysis of bearing damage, etc., at the customer’s site when advisable

  • Inspection, repair and design upgrade capability for ZOLLERN bearings at Pioneer’s manufacturing and engineering facility in North Carolina

  • Replacement of plain bearings with original ZOLLERN plain bearings when required by a ZOLLERN customer

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