Upgrade your Babbitt Bearings to Pioneer StannuMAX™ 

Pioneer StannuMAX™ High Temperature Babbitt

The patent for TEGOSTAR™* Babbitt Material has expired. As a result, Pioneer Motor Bearing offers a generic material, StannuMAX™ babbitt, with equivalent chemical composition.

As an end-customer you no longer have to wait for extended babbitt delivery times from a single source in a foreign country. Pioneer has reduced the material lead-time from months to days. We work with a number of partners in our supply chain to ensure StannuMAX™ is the equivalent chemical blend to what your machinery requires.

This babbitt is supplied in accordance with Siemens Specification TLV997701_072017, as called out in paragraph 4. Chemical Composition in wt.-%, shown in the following table:

StannuMAX blanks machined for destructive testing purposes

StannuMAX™ specimens machined into “dogbones” for mechanical destructive testing in the laboratory.

Pioneer StannuMAX™ chemical composition (%- weight):

Sn Sb Cu Zn Ag Pb
Balance % (79.65-82.95%) 11-13% 5.5-6.5% 0.5-0.7% 0.05-0.15% =<.06%

TEGOSTAR™ Chemical Composition:

Sn Sb Cu Zn Ag Pb
Rest / balance ca. 81% 12±1 6±0,5 0,6±0,1 0,1±0,05 < 0,06

Load Carrying Capabilities

Depending on your machine setup you may want a babbitt blend that has more load carrying capability as well as a higher thermal tolerance.

StannuMAX Babbitt
ASTM B23 Babbitt

Material Acquisition Times if Not in Stock at Pioneer

0 Days
Pioneer StannuMAX
0 Days

Worldwide StannuMAX Manufacturing Locations

An Extensive Worldwide Network

Pioneer maintains an extensive domestic and foreign network of trusted suppliers that can furnish StannuMAX™ to our exact requirements. Whereas Tegostar is only produced by a single source in a foreign country.

*TEGOSTAR™ is trademarked by ECKA brand (SCM Metal Products, Inc.)