Pioneer is pleased to announce an increase in capacity for the spinning of large journal bearings. Our new spinning machine is one of the largest in North America. It accommodates bearings with a maximum OD of 127”, a length of 60”, and a weight of 24 tons. The drive motor incorporates a variable frequency drive for precise speed control. Our existing “Babbomatic” melting furnace we’ve been using for over 20 years will enable us to continue our long-held practice of performing a single, continuous pour of a variety of molten babbitts, including TEGOSTAR 738®, to prevent laminations, for the vast majority all bearings spun in our new casting machine.


Moreover, the molten metal in the Babomatic is constantly agitated to avoid metal segregation and is bottom poured to exclude dross from the bore of the bearing shell. This new machine incorporates safety features not typically available on comparable machines, including a full steel shroud (not pictured here during installation) to enable us to contain the largest bearing, dual emergency shut-off switches, and additional retention rollers. With this increase in capacity, hydroelectric customers can obtain the top quality centrifugal casting on the larger bearings (or bearings with large flanges) currently available to customers with large steam generation bearings.


Tegostar 738 is a registered trade name of Eckagranules