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  • Pioneer HydroVision 2010

Pioneer was proud to unveil it’s new 20’x20′ booth at HydroVision 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Check out the pictures below to get a feeling for our new booth which featured 16′ tall graphics, a 50″ monitor playing various movies—including a 3D company timeline, and an internet kiosk to browse our brand new website.

Actually, Day had already been working for us for over three years as an engineering co-op student while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University. “I was very lucky to have a co-op job in a company where the caliber of mechanical engineering expertise was equal to that of the faculty at Clemson. Lyle has taken me under his wing and inspired me to obtain a Masters degree.”

While serving three successive co-op terms with Pioneer, Day integrated his classroom study with transformative experiential-learning opportunities, which included research to enable him to design various test rigs and test fixtures. He modified our twin bearing rotor dynamics test stand and built a device to test, measure and compare the wear characteristics of tin-based babbitt with TegoStar738®.

Unlike so many others at Pioneer who are from all parts of the country, Day was born 23 years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina. Raised by parents who had established their own engineering business in the textile industry, Day knows what it means to “wear many hats” in a small business. His parents and sister still live in the Charlotte region. While attending Charlotte Latin High School, he excelled in physics and math (while enjoying art and Spanish as well), which influenced his decision to elect an engineering major after entering Clemson in 2006. Day learned to manage his time well, somehow being able to handle the competing demands of his academic schedule, co-op jobs with Pioneer and the party schedule of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity of which he was a member.

In his spare time Day enjoys the outdoor activities of hiking, rock climbing and backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains, which are only 70 minutes from Pioneer’s plant in Kings Mountain. When he’s inside, he enjoys cars, particularly old ones that may need work. With the growth in the demands on our engineering department, we’re not sure he’ll get much time to work on his ’51 in- line six cylinder Chevy, but everyone needs a dream as his or her career takes off on a flying start.