Pioneer Motor Bearing Organization Updates

Pioneer Motor Bearing Promotes Edgardo Goyret to General Manager

Gordon P. Bardet, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Pioneer’s Board of Directors, announced today the promotion of Edgardo Goyret to General Manager, following the retirement of President Ray Harrington and Vice President Steve Bonino on June 1. Goyret, who holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado, will manage day-to-day activity at the plant while maintaining overall responsibility for the sales department, which he has lead since joining the company full time in 2015 after serving as the company’s Latin American consultant, based in Brazil, for several years. During his stint as Pioneer’s sales manager, Goyret was instrumental in gaining significant contracts for the company to provide engineering design solutions to modify existing bearings in operation in a power plant in Central America. He’s traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Bardet observed that “Edgardo’s keen awareness of the demanding requirements of our customers in the Western Hemisphere and his ability to translate that to all our colleagues will ensure we maintain our customer-centric culture as a service company operating so much of the time in the aftermarket.”

President Ray Harrington Retires, Transitions to Consultancy and Remains a Member of the Board of Directors

Bardet announced Ray Harrington’s retirement with appreciation and credit for so much of what Pioneer has achieved during his term as president since 2012, including both internal and external accomplishments, such as: establishing a LEAN company culture; extracting more value from Pioneer’s license agreements; strengthening relationships with existing alliance partners; and most notably, with Bardet, leading the development of relations with the Zollern Group of Germany throughout his term, culminating in the formal Technical Support Alliance between Pioneer and Zollern’s Plain Bearing Technology division last summer. Harrington will continue to help Pioneer as an active member of the Board of Directors and consultant by focusing primarily on business development opportunities. Bardet said, “He’s full of energy and his knowledge of the increasingly complex power generation market and skill at building relationships will bear fruit in an era of transformational change in the power market.”

Vice President Steve Bonino Retires After 53 Years of Service to Pioneer in California and North Carolina

Of Vice President Steve Bonino’s retirement, Bardet asserted “Steve is surely one of the most remarkable people who ever worked for Pioneer. Steve worked for my grandpa, my dad, and for me. And he became a good mentor to my two sons, Adrian and Jeremy, the 4th generation of Bardets engaged in our family business.” Bonino is the longest-serving employee in the 98-year history of Pioneer Motor Bearing Company. Bardet recalled: “My dad hired Steve upon his graduation from high school with straight A’s in all shop classes. Steve started out at the bottom, as an apprentice machinist in our South San Francisco manufacturing plant.” After serving a formal State certified four-year apprenticeship, Bonino worked as a journeyman machinist before becoming production manager and before steadily working his way up through a variety of responsible office positions.

In 1989, four months after Bardet opened up Pioneer’s new facility outside Charlotte, Bonino moved to North Carolina with his family to become vice president and head up the new operation. Bardet said that during Bonino’s tenure there the past 29 years, “Steve’s accomplishments include getting us off to a good start and our Westinghouse bearing repair license relationship with Westinghouse up to full speed with great working chemistry between Westinghouse service engineers and Pioneer.” A decade later, Bonino helped Bardet explore a cooperative relationship with Rolls-Royce Power Engineering’s Michell Bearings in the U.K., resulting in the formation of Pioneer’s formal alliance with Michell in 2005.