We’re pleased to announce that on August 24, 2015, Edgardo Goyret joined Pioneer Motor Bearing as our Sales Manager. Edgardo is responsible for all domestic and international sales and is also a member of the team engaged in strategic business development initiatives. For the past almost four years, Edgardo has been a consultant to Pioneer for Latin America, based at his office in Joinville, Brazil.

Born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, Edgardo first ventured to the United States as an American Field Service foreign exchange student in his senior year of high school, after years of studying English and French. He lived with his “American family” in Golden, Colorado for a year, graduating from high school there before returning to Uruguay intending to complete his studies at his private prep school in Montevideo. But his love for his American family and interest in the U.S. didn’t wane, for a year later he entered the University of Colorado to study engineering. From his earliest days on the Denver campus, he was intrigued by energy. Though while a student he worked for the Solar Energy Research Institute (now the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in Golden, his interest in hydraulics motivated him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Armed with his newly minted B.S.C.E. degree, Edgardo began his career in 1979 with Byron Jackson Pumps, in those days a division of Borg Warner. Based in Los Angeles, Edgardo represented the company for three years as a sales engineer in the water, power and oil and gas industries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. Over that period of time and huge territory, his knowledge, and understanding of the real-world operating issues of centrifugal and vertical pumps vastly increased, as did his familiarity with South America.

By 1982, Willis Flow Control (then a division of Smith International, a U.S. company supporting the drilling for and production of oil) appointed Edgardo its Latin American Sales Manager. In that position he focused exclusively on the oil and gas sectors, traveling extensively in every country in South America. Always a quick study in languages, Edgardo found that his concentrated time in Brazil allowed him to pick up a working knowledge of Portuguese. His facility with Portuguese came in handy four years later when at a wedding in Joinville, Brazil, he met a native of that city, Tania, whom he married a few years later.

In 1988, after being based for Willis in Rio de Janeiro for over a year, Edgardo and Tania moved to Houston, Texas, so Edgardo could work out of the headquarters of the company (by then owned by Cameron). In 1991, while still in Houston, Tania gave birth to their son, Fernando. A year later, Edgardo became a U.S. citizen. Today, Fernando is attending college in Brazil.

Ambitious to start up his own business, in 1994 Edgardo returned with Tania and Fernando to Brazil and established Uno International, his Brazilian-based consultancy firm to assist foreign companies with technical and sales support and business development primarily in Brazil and South America. His timing was prescient, for his firm would benefit and grow from “the rise of Brazil” as one of the “BRICs”.

Edgardo’s international business travel over the past 36 years has taken him to 42 countries in Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, Indonesia, India and almost every State in the U.S.

Over the years, when he hasn’t been on a plane, Edgardo has developed the hobby of building things out of recycled materials and “tinkering” in his home shop, while also becoming a master bread maker. He still enjoys traveling. Being absolutely fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with a working ability in French, surely makes it easier.

But no matter which country he’s been in or what language he’s been speaking, Edgardo’s career has been immersed in the energy industry, always involved with rotating equipment. Power plants? “Tons of them”, says Edgardo, “all over the world.”

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P. Ray Harrington