Hydro Thrust and Guide Bearing Workshop @ HydroVision International 2018

Tuesday, June 26th | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Cost to attend: US$150. Limited to 40 attendees.

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Back by popular demand! Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. will host a round table discussion on hydro thrust and guide bearings. It will be an interactive discussion among attendees and a panel of fluid film bearing specialists. Panel members are renowned experts in the analysis, design, application, installation and maintenance of bearings in hydroelectric service.

Our objective is to provide non-commercial, moderated advice, analysis and recommendations, both from the panel and from fellow attendees, in an open discussion, with relevant comments from all encouraged.


MARCUS CRAHAN, P.E., More than 30-years of experience as an engineering consultant specializing in the failure analysis and performance testing of large rotating machinery. Globally recognized expert in the performance of root cause investigations of capital equipment failures, especially the hydroelectric industry. Vastly knowledgeable on the subjects and intricacies electrical machinery, including their design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance processes. Provides litigation support and expert witness testimony pertaining to the design, manufacturing, installation, operations and maintenance of large electro-mechanical machinery.

DR. CHRIS ETTLES, Professor Emeritus, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y. Dr. Ettles is a noted expert on tilting pad thrust bearings. Over a span of two decades he created and refined GENMAT®, the only software code that makes it possible to perform a thorough analysis of spring bed- supported thrust bearings. Dr. Ettles has been a consultant to such leading companies as General Electric (Canada) and Voith Hydro (Germany).

DR. LYLE A. BRANAGAN, P.E., Engineering Manager, Pioneer Motor Bearing Co., since 1996. Dr. Branagan has performed advanced research on temperature gradients in fixed geometry and tilting pad bearings. For a decade, he served Pacific Gas & Electric Co. as a rotordynamics engineer, gaining substantial design and operations experience with bearings and vibration in hydroelectric, fossil, geothermal and nuclear power stations. He was an integral member of the start-up team for PG&E’s Helms Pump Storage Generating Station. Dr. Branagan has published numerous articles and papers and lectured extensively for the Electric Power Research Institute, in addition to conducting training sessions for engineers at electric utilities.

DAVID “DAY” GRIFFIN, M.S.M.E, P.E., Field Service Engineer, Pioneer Motor Bearing Co., since 2010. After working as Pioneer’s Service Engineer for 3 years, he received a full scholarship to to the University of Virginia to attain his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering while performing research at the University of Virginia’s ROMAC (Rotating Machinery and Controls) Laboratory. His masters research focused on rotordynamics and the effects of circumferential scratching in fluid film bearings. Day returned to Pioneer in October of 2016 and has since been developing Pioneer’s Fluid Pivot® journal bearing test rig. Day specializes in the design of GE spring-bed thrust bearing upgrades.