Project Description

Analysis, Repair and Upgrade of Spring-bed supported Hydroelectric Thrust Bearings

Pioneer offers a full spectrum of engineering services related to fluid film bearings and seals. That includes older GE-type spring-bed supported thrust shoes found in many larger vertical turbine-generator units.

Often customers think they need to scrap troubled spring-bed supported thrust shoe assemblies and replace them with expensive new tilting pad bearing assemblies. But before you do that, call us.

Pioneer can perform a thorough computer analysis of GE-type spring-bed supported thrust bearings, offering end-users the less expensive option to save and enhance existing bearings rather than replace them with more costly new titling pad thrust bearing assemblies. We can help you benefit from the inherent advantages of the original GE design and save you time and expense as well.

We use GENMAT™, the only program that thoroughly analyzes the performance of spring-bed supported thrust bearings. This proprietary code was developed over two decades by Dr. Chris Ettles, Emeritus Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, a Pioneer consulting engineer.

GENMAT™ enables us to offer you the less expensive option to salvage and upgrade an existing spring-bed design rather than replace it, helping your machine and your budget.

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