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Another Successful Bearing Workshop @ HydroVision 2018

On June 26th, 2018 Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. hosted another successful Bearing Workshop at HydroVision International. This was our third time in 8 years putting on the workshop—each time to a sold-out audience. Many topics were covered from basic operating mechanics to advanced design theory. Every attendee received a copy of Pioneer's famous Bearing [...]

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Pioneer Motor Bearing Organization Updates

Pioneer Motor Bearing Organization Updates Pioneer Motor Bearing Promotes Edgardo Goyret to General Manager Gordon P. Bardet, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Pioneer’s Board of Directors, announced today the promotion of Edgardo Goyret to General Manager, following the retirement of President Ray Harrington and Vice President Steve Bonino on June 1. Goyret, [...]

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Zollern appoints Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. as their exclusive licencee in North America for technical support services.

Ray Harrington, President, and Gordon Bardet, CEO, sign the Zollern-Pioneer Technology License Agreement on Behalf of Pioneer, August 2017. The Zollern Group’s Plain Bearing Technology division enters into an exclusive technology license agreement with Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. of the U.S. to strengthen its after-sale customer support.  The agreement empowers Pioneer [...]

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Punctured Journal Bearing

Let's start the blog with one impressively damaged journal bearing! We received a full train of bearings from a turbine that experienced a catastrophic event (duh!). It appears the oil inlet holes ruptured in the event. The most impressive aspect of this damaged bearing is that this is the top half of the bearing that [...]

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The Art of Listening in the Search for Excellence

By John L. Weil, BSME (Drexel University, 1965); Key Accounts Manager If we are alive, energetic, healthy, pay attention to our world and have an inquisitive mind, there is much to learn in every facet of our existence. This is especially true in our professional careers where a substantial amount of our lifetime is invested [...]

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The double edged sword of high pressure jacking oil system of hydrodynamic tilting pad thrust bearings

By Fred C. Wiesinger, Jr. Technical Services Manager Pioneer Motor Bearing Company Image Credit: Søren Niedziella/Flickr User albioneurope In a properly designed fluid film thrust bearing operating at its design speed, a continuous hydrodynamic flow of oil completely separates the babbitt surface of each thrust shoe and the steel [...]

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Pioneer Motor Bearing Co. Appoints Edgardo Goyret as Sales Manager

Welcome! ¡Bienvenido! Bem-vindo! We’re pleased to announce that on August 24, 2015, Edgardo Goyret joined Pioneer Motor Bearing as our Sales Manager. Edgardo is responsible for all domestic and international sales and is also a member of the team engaged in strategic business development initiatives. For the past almost four years, Edgardo has been a [...]

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